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Module verify

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Logical units for cluster verification.

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Mix-in for cluster/group verify LUs.
Submits all jobs necessary to verify the cluster.
Verifies the cluster disks status.
Verifies the cluster config.
Verifies the status of a node group.
Functions [hide private]
list of (origin, hypervisor, parameters)
_GetAllHypervisorParameters(cluster, instances)
Compute the set of all hypervisor parameters.
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Imports: itertools, logging, operator, re, time, ganeti, rpc, compat, constants, errors, locking, pathutils, utils, vcluster, hypervisor, opcodes, LogicalUnit, NoHooksLU, ResultWithJobs, ShareAll, ComputeAncillaryFiles, CheckNodePVs, ComputeIPolicyInstanceViolation, AnnotateDiskParams, SupportsOob

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_GetAllHypervisorParameters(cluster, instances)

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Compute the set of all hypervisor parameters.

Returns: list of (origin, hypervisor, parameters)
a list with all parameters found, indicating the hypervisor they apply to, and the origin (can be "cluster", "os X", or "instance Y")