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Package jqueue

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Module implementing the job queue handling.

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Special exception to cancel a job.
Encapsulates an opcode object.
In-memory job representation.
Keeps track of job dependencies.
Queue used to manage the jobs.
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Returns the current timestamp.
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_CallJqUpdate(runner, names, file_name, content)
Updates job queue file after virtualizing filename.
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Encodes an error which occurred while processing an opcode.
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Variables [hide private]
  _GetIdAttr = operator.attrgetter("id")
Retrieves "id" attribute

Imports: logging, errno, time, weakref, threading, itertools, operator, os, pyinotify, asyncnotifier, constants, serializer, locking, luxi, opcodes, opcodes_base, errors, mcpu, utils, jstore, rpc, runtime, netutils, compat, ht, query, qlang, pathutils, vcluster, cluster

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Returns the current timestamp.

Returns: tuple
the current time in the (seconds, microseconds) format