Developer notes

Build dependencies

Most dependencies from Ganeti quick installation guide, plus:

To generate unittest coverage reports (make coverage), coverage needs to be installed.

Configuring for development

Run the following command (only use PYTHON=... if you need to use a different python version):

./ && \
./configure PYTHON=python2.4 \
  --prefix=/usr/local --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var

Packaging notes

Ganeti is mostly developped and tested on Debian-based distributions, while still keeping adoptability to other Linux distributions in mind.

The doc/examples/ directory contains a number of potentially useful scripts and configuration files. Some of them might need adjustment before use.


This script, in the source code as daemons/, is used to start/stop Ganeti and do a few other things related to system daemons. Is is recommended to use daemon-util also from the system’s init scripts. That way the code starting and stopping daemons is shared and future changes have to be made in only one place.

daemon-util reads extra arguments from variables (*_ARGS) in /etc/default/ganeti. When modifying daemon-util, keep in mind to not remove support for the EXTRA_*_ARGS variables for starting daemons. Some parts of Ganeti use them to pass additional arguments when starting a daemon.

The reload_ssh_keys function can be adjusted to use another command for reloading the OpenSSH daemon’s host keys.

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