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xentop CPU data collector



dcName :: StringSource

The name of this data collector.

dcVersion :: DCVersionSource

The version of this data collector.

dcFormatVersion :: IntSource

The version number for the data format of this data collector.

dcCategory :: Maybe DCCategorySource

The category of this data collector.

dcKind :: DCKindSource

The kind of this data collector.

readXentop :: IO (Result String)Source

parseXentop :: String -> Result (Map String Double)Source

combineWithRollover :: Seq (ClockTime, Double) -> Seq (ClockTime, Double) -> Seq (ClockTime, Double)Source

dcUpdate :: Maybe CollectorData -> IO CollectorDataSource

Updates the given Collector data.

loadAverage :: Seq (ClockTime, Double) -> Maybe DoubleSource

dcReport :: Maybe CollectorData -> IO DCReportSource

The data exported by the data collector, taken from the default location.