ganeti-kvmd - Ganeti KVM daemon




The KVM daemon is responsible for determining whether a given KVM instance was shutdown by an administrator or a user.

The KVM daemon monitors, using inotify, KVM instances through their QMP sockets, which are provided by KVM. Using the QMP sockets, the KVM daemon listens for particular shutdown, powerdown, and stop events which will determine if a given instance was shutdown by the user or Ganeti, and this result is communicated to Ganeti via a special file in the filesystem.


The KVM daemon monitors Qmp sockets of KVM instances, which are created in the KVM control directory, located under /var/run/ganeti/kvm-hypervisor/ctrl/. The KVM daemon also creates shutdown files in this directory. Finally, the KVM daemon’s log file is located under /var/log/ganeti/ganeti-kvmd.log. Removal of the KVM control directory, the shutdown files, or the log file, will lead to no errors on the KVM daemon.