BE Parameter
BE stands for Backend. BE parameters are hypervisor-independent instance parameters such as the amount of RAM/virtual CPUs it has been allocated.
Hardware virtualization mode, where the virtual machine is oblivious to the fact that’s being virtualized and all the hardware is emulated.
The code associated with an OpCode, e.g. the code that implements the startup of an instance.
Local UniX Interface. The IPC method over unix sockets used between the cli tools and the master daemon.
A data structure encapsulating a basic cluster operation; for example, start instance, add instance, etc.
Para-virtualization mode, where the virtual machine knows it’s being virtualized and as such there is no need for hardware emulation.
ganeti-watcher is a tool that should be run regularly from cron and takes care of restarting failed instances, restarting secondary DRBD devices, etc. For more details, see the man page ganeti-watcher(8).

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