ganeti-luxid - Ganeti query daemon


ganeti-luxid [-f] [-d]


ganeti-luxid is a daemon used to answer queries related to the configuration and the current live state of a Ganeti cluster.

For testing purposes, you can give the -f option and the program won’t detach from the running terminal.

Debug-level message can be activated by giving the -d option.

Logging to syslog, rather than its own log file, can be enabled by passing in the --syslog option.

The ganeti-luxid daemon listens on a Unix socket (/var/run/ganeti/socket/ganeti-query) on which it exports a Luxi endpoint, serving query operations only. Commands and tools use this socket if the build-time option for split queries has been enabled.

The daemon will refuse to start if the user and group do not match the one defined at build time; this behaviour can be overridden by the --no-user-checks option.


The role of the query daemon is to answer queries about the (live) cluster state without going through the master daemon. Only queries which don’t require locks can be handles by the query daemon, which might lead to slightly outdated results in some cases.

The config is reloaded from disk automatically when it changes, with a rate limit of once per second.


See gnt-master(8).

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