mon-collector - Command line interface for the data collectors of the monitoring system


mon-collector {collector}


mon-collector is a suite of tools designed to provide a command line interface to the data collectors implemented by the ganeti monitoring system. mon-collector is also the generic binary that must be invoked specifying, as the first command line parameter, the name of the actual desired data collector to be run.

When executed, mon-collector will run the specified collector and will print its output to stdout, in JSON format.



drbd [ [ -s | –drbd-status ] = status-file ] [ [ -p | –drbd-pairing] = pairing-file ]

Collects the information about the version and status of the DRBD kernel module, and of the disks it is managing.

If status-file and pairing-file are specified, the status and the instance-minor paring information will be read from those files. Otherwise, the collector will read them, respectively, from /proc/drbd and from the Confd server.

The options that can be passed to the DRBD collector are as follows:

-s status-file, –drbd-status=*status-file*
Read the DRBD status from the specified file instead of /proc/drbd.
-p pairing-file, –drbd-pairing=*pairing-file*
Read the information about the pairing between instances and DRBD minors from the specified file instead of asking the Confd servers for them.

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