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procdiskstats data collector.



defaultFile :: FilePath Source #

The default path of the diskstats status file. It is hardcoded because it is not likely to change.

defaultCharNum :: Int Source #

The default setting for the maximum amount of not parsed character to print in case of error. It is set to use most of the screen estate on a standard 80x25 terminal. TODO: add the possibility to set this with a command line parameter.

dcName :: String Source #

The name of this data collector.

dcVersion :: DCVersion Source #

The version of this data collector.

dcFormatVersion :: Int Source #

The version number for the data format of this data collector.

dcCategory :: Maybe DCCategory Source #

The category of this data collector.

dcKind :: DCKind Source #

The kind of this data collector.

dcReport :: IO DCReport Source #

The data exported by the data collector, taken from the default location.

Command line options

arguments :: [ArgCompletion] Source #

The list of arguments supported by the program.

buildJsonReport :: FilePath -> IO JSValue Source #

This function computes the JSON representation of the diskstats status.

buildDCReport :: FilePath -> IO DCReport Source #

This function computes the DCReport for the diskstats status.

main :: Options -> [String] -> IO () Source #

Main function.