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Tag constants

This module holds all the special tag prefixes honored by Ganeti's htools. The module itself does not depend on anything Ganeti specific so that it can be imported anywhere.



exTagsPrefix :: String Source #

The exclusion tag prefix. Instance tags starting with this prefix describe a service provided by the instance. Instances providing the same service at not places on the same node.

standbyPrefix :: String Source #

The tag-prefix indicating that hsqueeze should consider a node as being standby.

migrationPrefix :: String Source #

The prefix for migration tags

allowMigrationPrefix :: String Source #

Prefix of tags allowing migration

locationPrefix :: String Source #

The prefix for node location tags.

desiredLocationPrefix :: String Source #

The prefix for instance desired location tags.

standbyAuto :: String Source #

The tag to be added to nodes that were shutdown by hsqueeze.

autoRepairTagPrefix :: String Source #

Auto-repair tag prefix