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Unittests for the job scheduler.



Test cases

case_parseReasonRateLimit :: Assertion Source #

Tests rate limit reason trail parsing.

prop_slotMapFromJob_conflicting_buckets :: Property Source #

Tests that "rateLimit:n:..." and "rateLimit:m:..." become different rate limiting buckets.

case_reasonRateLimit :: Assertion Source #

Tests some basic cases for reason rate limiting.

prop_reasonRateLimit :: Property Source #

Tests the specified properties of reasonRateLimit, as defined in `doc/design-optables.rst`.

prop_filterRuleOrder :: Property Source #

Tests that filter rule ordering is determined (solely) by priority, watermark and UUID, as defined in `doc/design-optables.rst`.

case_matchPredicate :: Assertion Source #

Tests common inputs for matchPredicate, especially the predicates and fields available to them as defined in the spec.

prop_applyingFilter :: Property Source #

Tests that jobs selected by applyingFilter actually match and have an effect (are not CONTINUE filters).

prop_jobFiltering :: Property Source #

Tests the specified properties of jobFiltering, as defined in `doc/design-optables.rst`.

Orphan instances

Arbitrary QueuedJob # 
Instance details

Arbitrary JobWithStat # 
Instance details

Arbitrary Queue # 
Instance details


arbitrary :: Gen Queue

shrink :: Queue -> [Queue]