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Unittests for the job queue functionality.


Test cases

case_JobPriorityDef :: Assertion Source #

Tests default priority value.

prop_JobPriority :: Property Source #

Test arbitrary priorities.

case_JobStatusDef :: Assertion Source #

Tests default job status.

prop_JobStatus :: Property Source #

Test some job status properties.

case_JobStatusPri_py_equiv :: Assertion Source #

Tests job status equivalence with Python. Very similar to OpCodes test.

prop_ListJobIDs :: Property Source #

Tests listing of Job ids.

prop_LoadJobs :: Property Source #

Tests loading jobs from disk.

prop_DetermineDirs :: Property Source #

Tests computing job directories. Creates random directories, files and stale symlinks in a directory, and checks that we return "the right thing".

prop_InputOpCode :: MetaOpCode -> Int -> Property Source #

Tests the JSON serialisation for InputOpCode.