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Unittests for Ganeti.Pyvalue


Arbitrary instances

caseByteStringsToBytes :: Assertion Source #

Custom HUnit test to check the correspondence between ByteStrings and Python bytes. We use ast.literal_eval to evaluate the byte literals and then write the resulting bytestrings back to Haskell for comparison.

For the technical background of this unit test, check the documentation of "case_py_compat_types" of testhsTestGanetiOpcodes.hs

Note that System.Process.readProcessWithExitCode (used by runPython) returns Python's stdout as a String, by calling hGetContents on the standard output handle. This means that data is decoded using the system locale, making the channel not 8-bit-clean when run with a non-UTF-8 locale (such as POSIX). We could use System.Process.Typed to get past this problem, but that's an extra dependency not used elsewhere. Instead we work around this issue by base64-encoding the UTF-8 output on the Python side.

Orphan instances

Arbitrary ByteString # 
Instance details


arbitrary :: Gen ByteString

shrink :: ByteString -> [ByteString]