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Unittests for ganeti-htools.



genHvParams :: Gen HvParams Source #

Generate Hvparams

genHvSpecs :: Gen [(Hypervisor, HvParams)] Source #

Generate hypervisor specifications to be used for the NodeInfo call

genConsoleInfoCallParams :: Gen [(String, InstanceConsoleInfoParams)] Source #

Generates per-instance console info params for the InstanceConsoleInfo call.

genInstanceConsoleInfoParams :: Gen InstanceConsoleInfoParams Source #

Generates parameters for the console info call, consisting of an instance object, node object, HvParams, and FilledBeParams.

runOfflineTest :: (Rpc a b, Eq b, Show b) => a -> Property Source #

Monadic check that, for an offline node and a call that does not support offline nodes, we get a OfflineNodeError response.

prop_Compressed_serialisation :: Compressed -> Property Source #

Test that the serialisation of Compressed is idempotent.

testRpc :: Test Source #

Orphan instances