ganeti-rapi - Ganeti remote API daemon


ganeti-rapi [-d] [-f] [-p PORT] [-b *ADDRESS] [-i INTERFACE]
[–no-ssl] [-K SSL_KEY_FILE] [-C SSL_CERT_FILE]


ganeti-rapi is the daemon providing a remote API for Ganeti clusters.

It is automatically started on the master node, and by default it uses SSL encryption. This can be disabled by passing the --no-ssl option, or alternatively the certificate used can be changed via the -C option and the key via the -K option.

The daemon will listen to the “ganeti-rapi” TCP port, as listed in the system services database, or if not defined, to port 5080 by default. The port can be overridded by passing the -p option. The -b option can be used to specify the address to bind to (defaults to; alternatively, the -i option can be used to specify the interface to bind do.

See the Ganeti remote API documentation for further information.

Requests are logged to /var/log/ganeti/rapi-daemon.log, in the same format as for the node and master daemon.


Most query operations are allowed without authentication. Only the modification operations require authentication, in the form of basic authentication. Specify the --require-authentication command line flag to always require authentication.

The users and their rights are defined in the /var/lib/ganeti/rapi/users file. The format of this file is described in the Ganeti documentation (rapi.html).

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