Package ganeti :: Package rpc :: Module client :: Class AbstractClient
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Class AbstractClient

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High-level client abstraction.

This uses a backing Transport-like class on top of which it implements data serialization/deserialization.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, address=None, timeouts=None, transport=t.Transport)
Constructor for the Client class.
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(Re)initialize the transport if needed.
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Close the transport, ignoring errors.
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_SendMethodCall(self, data) source code
Close the underlying connection.
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Same as Close, to be used with contextlib.closing(...).
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CallMethod(self, method, args)
Send a generic request and return the response.
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__init__(self, address=None, timeouts=None, transport=t.Transport)

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Constructor for the Client class.


  • address: a valid address the the used transport class
  • timeout: a list of timeouts, to be used on connect and read/write
  • transport: a Transport-like class

If timeout is not passed, the default timeouts of the transport class are used.

Overrides: object.__init__