Package ganeti :: Module wconfd :: Class Client
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Class Client

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High-level WConfD client implementation.

This uses a backing Transport-like class on top of which it implements data serialization/deserialization.

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__init__(self, timeouts=None, transport=Transport, allow_non_master=None)
Constructor for the Client class.
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Inherited from rpc.client.AbstractClient: CallMethod, Close, close

Inherited from rpc.stub.wconfd.ClientRpcStub: AllocateDRBDMinor, CommitReleaseTemporaryIp, CommitTemporaryIps, ComputeDRBDMap, DownGradeLocksLevel, DropAllReservations, Echo, FlushConfig, FreeLocks, FreeLocksLevel, GenerateDRBDSecret, GenerateIp, GenerateMAC, GuardedOpportunisticLockUnion, HasPendingRequest, IntersectLocks, ListAllLocks, ListAllLocksOwners, ListLocks, ListLocksWaitingStatus, ListReservedIps, LockConfig, OpportunisticLockUnion, PrepareClusterDestruction, ReadConfig, ReleaseDRBDMinors, ReleaseIp, ReserveIp, ReserveLV, ReserveMAC, TryUpdateLocks, UnlockConfig, UpdateLocksWaiting, VerifyConfig, WriteConfig

Inherited from rpc.stub.wconfd.ClientRpcStub (private): _GetSocketPath

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__init__(self, timeouts=None, transport=Transport, allow_non_master=None)

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Constructor for the Client class.

Arguments are the same as for AbstractClient.

  • timeouts - timeouts to be used on connect and read/write
  • transport - the underlying transport to use for the RPC calls
  • allow_non_master - skip checks for the master node on errors
Overrides: object.__init__