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Implementation of DataCollectors CLI functions.

This module holds the common command-line related functions for the collector binaries.


Data types

data Options Source

Command line options structure.




optShowHelp :: Bool

Just show the help

optShowComp :: Bool

Just show the completion info

optShowVer :: Bool

Just show the program version

optDrbdStatus :: Maybe FilePath

Path to the file containing DRBD status information

optDrbdPairing :: Maybe FilePath

Path to the file containing pairings between instances and DRBD minors

optNode :: Maybe String

Info are requested for this node

optConfdAddr :: Maybe String

IP address of the Confd server

optConfdPort :: Maybe Int

The port of the Confd server to connect to

optInputFile :: Maybe FilePath

Path to the file containing the information to be parsed

optInstances :: Maybe FilePath

Path to the file contained a serialized list of instances as in: ([Primary], [Secondary])

defaultOptions :: OptionsSource

Default values for the command line options.

type OptType = GenericOptType OptionsSource

Abbreviation for the option type.

Command line options