Safe HaskellNone



Lenses for Ganeti config objects



stringL :: Simple Iso ByteString StringSource

Isomorphism between Strings and bytestrings

class UuidObject a => UuidObjectL a whereSource

Class of objects that have an UUID.


uuidL :: Lens' a StringSource

class TagsObject a => TagsObjectL a whereSource

Class of objects that have tags.


tagsL :: Lens' a (Set String)Source

networkUuidL :: Lens' Network ByteStringSource

networkNetwork6L :: Lens' Network (Maybe String)Source

networkMtimeL :: Lens' Network ClockTimeSource

networkMacPrefixL :: Lens' Network (Maybe String)Source

networkGateway6L :: Lens' Network (Maybe String)Source

networkCtimeL :: Lens' Network ClockTimeSource

nicUuidL :: Lens' PartialNic ByteStringSource

nicNetworkL :: Lens' PartialNic (Maybe String)Source

nicNameL :: Lens' PartialNic (Maybe String)Source

nicMacL :: Lens' PartialNic StringSource

nicIpL :: Lens' PartialNic (Maybe String)Source

nodeUuidL :: Lens' Node ByteStringSource

nodeSerialL :: Lens' Node IntSource

nodePrimaryIpL :: Lens' Node StringSource

nodePoweredL :: Lens' Node BoolSource

nodeOfflineL :: Lens' Node BoolSource

nodeNameL :: Lens' Node StringSource

nodeMtimeL :: Lens' Node ClockTimeSource

nodeGroupL :: Lens' Node StringSource

nodeDrainedL :: Lens' Node BoolSource

nodeCtimeL :: Lens' Node ClockTimeSource

groupUuidL :: Lens' NodeGroup ByteStringSource

groupNameL :: Lens' NodeGroup StringSource

groupMtimeL :: Lens' NodeGroup ClockTimeSource

groupMembersL :: Lens' NodeGroup [String]Source

groupCtimeL :: Lens' NodeGroup ClockTimeSource

clusterVolumeGroupNameL :: Lens' Cluster (Maybe String)Source

clusterUuidL :: Lens' Cluster ByteStringSource

clusterMtimeL :: Lens' Cluster ClockTimeSource

clusterDsahostkeypubL :: Lens' Cluster (Maybe String)Source

clusterCtimeL :: Lens' Cluster ClockTimeSource

configMtimeL :: Lens' ConfigData ClockTimeSource

configCtimeL :: Lens' ConfigData ClockTimeSource