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Implementation of the Ganeti configuration database.



type LinkIpMap = Map String (Map String String)Source

Type alias for the link and ip map.

Operations on the whole configuration

readConfig :: FilePath -> IO (Result String)Source

loadConfig :: FilePath -> IO (Result ConfigData)Source

Wrapper over readConfig and parseConfig.

saveConfig :: Handle -> ConfigData -> IO ()Source

Wrapper over hPutStr and encodeConfig.

Query functions

withMissingParam :: String -> (a -> ErrorResult b) -> Maybe a -> ErrorResult bSource

computeDiskNodes :: Disk -> Set StringSource

instNodes :: ConfigData -> Instance -> Set StringSource

Computes all nodes of an instance.

getNodeInstances :: ConfigData -> String -> ([Instance], [Instance])Source

Get instances of a given node. The node is specified through its UUID.

getNodeRole :: ConfigData -> Node -> NodeRoleSource

Computes the role of a node.

getMasterNodes :: ConfigData -> [Node]Source

Get the list of the master nodes (usually one).

getMasterCandidates :: ConfigData -> [Node]Source

Get the list of master candidates, not including the master itself.

getMasterOrCandidates :: ConfigData -> [Node]Source

Get the list of master candidates, including the master.

getMasterNetworkParameters :: ConfigData -> MasterNetworkParametersSource

Get the network parameters for the master IP address.

getOnlineNodes :: ConfigData -> [Node]Source

Get the list of online nodes.

getDefaultNicLink :: ConfigData -> StringSource

Returns the default cluster link.

getDefaultHypervisor :: ConfigData -> HypervisorSource

Returns the default cluster hypervisor.

getInstancesIpByLink :: LinkIpMap -> String -> [String]Source

Returns instances of a given link.

getItem :: String -> String -> Map String a -> ErrorResult aSource

getItem' :: String -> String -> Map ByteString a -> ErrorResult aSource

getNode :: ConfigData -> String -> ErrorResult NodeSource

Looks up a node by name or uuid.

getInstance :: ConfigData -> String -> ErrorResult InstanceSource

Looks up an instance by name or uuid.

getDisk :: ConfigData -> String -> ErrorResult DiskSource

Looks up a disk by uuid.

getFilterRule :: ConfigData -> String -> ErrorResult FilterRuleSource

Looks up a filter by uuid.

getGroup :: ConfigData -> String -> ErrorResult NodeGroupSource

Looks up a node group by name or uuid.

getGroupNdParams :: ConfigData -> NodeGroup -> FilledNDParamsSource

Computes a node group's node params.

getGroupIpolicy :: ConfigData -> NodeGroup -> FilledIPolicySource

Computes a node group's ipolicy.

getGroupDiskParams :: ConfigData -> NodeGroup -> GroupDiskParamsSource

Computes a group's (merged) disk params.

getGroupNodes :: ConfigData -> String -> [Node]Source

Get nodes of a given node group.

getGroupInstances :: ConfigData -> String -> ([Instance], [Instance])Source

Get (primary, secondary) instances of a given node group.

getFilledHvStateParams :: ConfigData -> Node -> FilledHvStateSource

Retrieves the node's static hypervisor state parameters, missing values filled with group's parameters, missing group parameters are filled with cluster's parameters. Currently, returns hvstate parameters only for the default hypervisor.

getFilledInstHvParams :: [String] -> ConfigData -> Instance -> HvParamsSource

Retrieves the instance hypervisor params, missing values filled with cluster defaults.

getFilledInstBeParams :: ConfigData -> Instance -> ErrorResult FilledBeParamsSource

Retrieves the instance backend params, missing values filled with cluster defaults.

getFilledInstOsParams :: ConfigData -> Instance -> OsParamsSource

Retrieves the instance os params, missing values filled with cluster defaults. This does NOT include private and secret parameters.

getInstPrimaryNode :: ConfigData -> String -> ErrorResult NodeSource

Looks up an instance's primary node.

getInstAllNodes :: ConfigData -> String -> ErrorResult [Node]Source

Retrieves all the nodes of the instance.

As instances not using DRBD can be sent as a parameter as well, the primary node has to be appended to the results.

getInstDisks :: ConfigData -> String -> ErrorResult [Disk]Source

Get disks for a given instance. The instance is specified by name or uuid.

getInstDisksFromObj :: ConfigData -> Instance -> ErrorResult [Disk]Source

Get disks for a given instance object.

collectFromDrbdDisks :: Monoid a => (String -> String -> Int -> Int -> Int -> Private DRBDSecret -> a) -> Disk -> aSource

getDrbdMinorsForDisk :: Disk -> [(Int, String)]Source

Returns the DRBD minors of a given Disk

getDrbdMinorsForNode :: String -> Disk -> [(Int, String)]Source

getDrbdMinorsForInstance :: ConfigData -> Instance -> ErrorResult [(Int, String)]Source

Returns the DRBD minors of a given instance



:: ConfigData 
-> String

The UUID of a node.

-> Instance 
-> [(String, Int, String, String, String, String)] 

Gets the list of DRBD minors for an instance that are related to a given node.

buildLinkIpInstnameMap :: ConfigData -> LinkIpMapSource

Builds link -> ip -> instname map. For instances without a name, we insert the uuid instead.

TODO: improve this by splitting it into multiple independent functions:

  • abstract the "fetch instance with filled params" functionality
  • abstsract the [instance] -> [(nic, instance_name)] part
  • etc.

getGroupOfNode :: ConfigData -> Node -> Maybe NodeGroupSource

Returns a node's group, with optional failure if we can't find it (configuration corrupt).

getNodeNdParams :: ConfigData -> Node -> Maybe FilledNDParamsSource

Returns a node's ndparams, filled.


getNetwork :: ConfigData -> String -> ErrorResult NetworkSource

Looks up a network. If looking up by uuid fails, we look up by name.


type MAC = StringSource

getAllMACs :: ConfigData -> [MAC]Source

Returns all MAC addresses used in the cluster.

DRBD secrets


type NodeLVsMap = MultiMap String LogicalVolumeSource

A map from node UUIDs to

FIXME: After adding designated types for UUIDs, use them to replace String here.

ND params

class NdParamObject a whereSource

Type class denoting objects which have node parameters.