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Module config

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Configuration management for Ganeti

This module provides the interface to the Ganeti cluster configuration.

The configuration data is stored on every node but is updated on the master only. After each update, the master distributes the data to the other nodes.

Currently, the data storage format is JSON. YAML was slow and consuming too much memory.

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A temporary resource reservation manager.
The interface to the cluster configuration.
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Verifies that a configuration objects looks valid.
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  _config_lock = locking.SharedLock("ConfigWriter")
  _UPGRADE_CONFIG_JID = "jid-cfg-upgrade"

Imports: os, random, logging, time, errors, locking, utils, constants, rpc, objects, serializer, uidpool, netutils

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Verifies that a configuration objects looks valid.

This only verifies the version of the configuration.