ganeti :: hypervisor :: hv_xen :: XenHvmHypervisor :: Class XenHvmHypervisor
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Class XenHvmHypervisor

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Xen HVM hypervisor interface

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Class Methods [hide private]
_WriteConfigFile(cls, instance, block_devices)
Create a Xen 3.1 HVM config file.
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Static Methods [hide private]

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Class Variables [hide private]
  ANCILLARY_FILES = XenHypervisor.ANCILLARY_FILES+ [constants.VN...
  PARAMETERS = {constants.HV_ACPI: hv_base.NO_CHECK, constants.H...
a dict of parameter name: check type; the check type is a five-tuple containing:


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_WriteConfigFile(cls, instance, block_devices)
Class Method

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Create a Xen 3.1 HVM config file.

Overrides: XenHypervisor._WriteConfigFile

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a dict of parameter name: check type; the check type is a five-tuple containing:
  • the required flag (boolean)
  • a function to check for syntax, that will be used in CheckParameterSyntax, in the master daemon process
  • an error message for the above function
  • a function to check for parameter validity on the remote node, in the ValidateParameters function
  • an error message for the above function
{constants.HV_ACPI: hv_base.NO_CHECK, constants.HV_BOOT_ORDER:(True,)+\
(lambda x: x and len(x.strip("acdn"))== 0, "Invalid boot order specifi\
ed, must be one or more of [acdn]", None, None), constants.HV_CDROM_IM\
AGE_PATH: hv_base.OPT_FILE_CHECK, constants.HV_DISK_TYPE: hv_base.Para\
mInSet(True, constants.HT_HVM_VALID_DISK_TYPES), constants.HV_NIC_TYPE\
: hv_base.ParamInSet(True, constants.HT_HVM_VALID_NIC_TYPES), constant\
s.HV_PAE: hv_base.NO_CHECK, constants.HV_VNC_BIND_ADDRESS:(False, netu\
tils.IsValidIP4, "VNC bind address is not a valid IP address", None, N\