Script ganeti_noded
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Script ganeti_noded

Ganeti node daemon

Classes [hide private]
Custom Request Executor class that ensures NodeHttpServer children are locked in ram.
The server implementation.
Functions [hide private]
Try to prepare the queue lock.
Decorator for job queue manipulating functions.
_DecodeImportExportIO(ieio, ieioargs)
Decodes import/export I/O information.
CheckNoded(_, args)
Initial checks whether to run or exit with a failure.
ExecNoded(options, _)
Main node daemon function, executed with the PID file held.
Main function for the node daemon.
Variables [hide private]
  queue_lock = None

Imports: os, sys, logging, signal, OptionParser, backend, constants, objects, errors, jstore, daemon, http, utils, storage, serializer, netutils, ganeti

Function Details [hide private]



Try to prepare the queue lock.

None for success, otherwise an exception object