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External data loader.

This module holds the external data loading, and thus is the only one depending (via the specialized Text/Rapi/Luxi modules) on the actual libraries implementing the low-level protocols.

wrapIO :: IO (Result a) -> IO (Result a)
parseUtilisation :: String -> Result (String, DynUtil)
loadExternalData :: Options -> IO ClusterData
maybeSaveData :: Maybe FilePath -> String -> String -> ClusterData -> IO ()
wrapIO :: IO (Result a) -> IO (Result a)Source
Error beautifier.
parseUtilisation :: String -> Result (String, DynUtil)Source
Parses a user-supplied utilisation string.
loadExternalData :: Options -> IO ClusterDataSource
External tool data loader from a variety of sources.
:: Maybe FilePathThe file prefix to save to
-> StringThe suffix (extension) to add
-> StringInformational message
-> ClusterDataThe cluster data
-> IO ()
Function to save the cluster data to a file.
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