Script gnt_instance
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Script gnt_instance

Bootstrap script for ganeti.client.gnt_instance

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  commands = {"add":(AddInstance, [ArgHost(min= 1, max= 1)], COM...
  aliases = {"start": "startup", "stop": "shutdown",}

Imports: sys, main

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{"add":(AddInstance, [ArgHost(min= 1, max= 1)], COMMON_CREATE_OPTS+ ad\
d_opts, "[...] -t disk-type -n node[:secondary-node] -o os-type <name>\
", "Creates and adds a new instance to the cluster"), "batch-create":(\
BatchCreate, [ArgFile(min= 1, max= 1)], [DRY_RUN_OPT, PRIORITY_OPT], "\
<instances.json>", "Create a bunch of instances based on specs in the \
file."), "console":(ConnectToInstanceConsole, ARGS_ONE_INSTANCE, [SHOW\
CMD_OPT, PRIORITY_OPT], "[--show-cmd] <instance>", "Opens a console on\
 the specified instance"), "failover":(FailoverInstance, ARGS_ONE_INST\