Script gnt_job
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Script gnt_job

Bootstrap script for ganeti.client.gnt_job

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  commands = {"list":(ListJobs, [ArgJobId()], [NOHDR_OPT, SEP_OP...
  aliases = {"show": "info",}

Imports: sys, main

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{"list":(ListJobs, [ArgJobId()], [NOHDR_OPT, SEP_OPT, FIELDS_OPT], "[j\
ob_id ...]", "List the jobs and their status. The available fields are\
" " (see the man page for details): id, status, op_list," " op_status,\
 op_result." " The default field" " list is (in order): %s." % utils.C\
ommaJoin(_LIST_DEF_FIELDS)), "archive":(ArchiveJobs, [ArgJobId(min= 1)\
], [], "<job-id> [<job-id> ...]", "Archive specified jobs"), "autoarch\
ive":(AutoArchiveJobs, [ArgSuggest(min= 1, max= 1, choices= ["1d", "1w\
", "4w", "all"])], [], "<age>", "Auto archive jobs older than the give\