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Generic data loader.

This module holds the common code for parsing the input data after it has been loaded from external sources.

exTagsPrefix :: String
data RqType
= Allocate Instance Int
| Relocate Idx Int [Ndx]
| NodeEvacuate [Idx] EvacMode
| ChangeGroup [Gdx] [Idx]
data Request = Request RqType ClusterData
data ClusterData = ClusterData {
cdGroups :: List
cdNodes :: List
cdInstances :: List
cdTags :: [String]
cdIPolicy :: IPolicy
emptyCluster :: ClusterData
lookupNode :: Monad m => NameAssoc -> String -> String -> m Ndx
lookupInstance :: Monad m => NameAssoc -> String -> m Idx
lookupGroup :: Monad m => NameAssoc -> String -> String -> m Gdx
assignIndices :: Element a => [(String, a)] -> (NameAssoc, Container a)
fixNodes :: List -> Instance -> List
setNodePolicy :: List -> Node -> Node
filterExTags :: [String] -> Instance -> Instance
updateMovable :: [String] -> [String] -> Instance -> Instance
disableSplitMoves :: List -> Instance -> Instance
longestDomain :: [String] -> String
extractExTags :: [String] -> [String]
commonSuffix :: List -> List -> String
mergeData :: [(String, DynUtil)] -> [String] -> [String] -> [String] -> ClusterData -> Result ClusterData
checkData :: List -> List -> ([String], List)
nodeImem :: Node -> List -> Int
nodeIdsk :: Node -> List -> Int
exTagsPrefix :: StringSource
The exclusion tag prefix.
data RqType Source

The iallocator request type.

This type denotes what request we got from Ganeti and also holds request-specific fields.

Allocate Instance IntA new instance allocation
Relocate Idx Int [Ndx]Choose a new secondary node
NodeEvacuate [Idx] EvacModenode-evacuate mode
ChangeGroup [Gdx] [Idx]Multi-relocate mode
data Request Source
A complete request, as received from Ganeti.
Request RqType ClusterData
data ClusterData Source
The cluster state.
cdGroups :: ListThe node group list
cdNodes :: ListThe node list
cdInstances :: ListThe instance list
cdTags :: [String]The cluster tags
cdIPolicy :: IPolicyThe cluster instance policy
emptyCluster :: ClusterDataSource
An empty cluster.
lookupNode :: Monad m => NameAssoc -> String -> String -> m NdxSource
Lookups a node into an assoc list.
lookupInstance :: Monad m => NameAssoc -> String -> m IdxSource
Lookups an instance into an assoc list.
lookupGroup :: Monad m => NameAssoc -> String -> String -> m GdxSource
Lookups a group into an assoc list.
assignIndices :: Element a => [(String, a)] -> (NameAssoc, Container a)Source
Given a list of elements (and their names), assign indices to them.
fixNodes :: List -> Instance -> ListSource
For each instance, add its index to its primary and secondary nodes.
setNodePolicy :: List -> Node -> NodeSource
Set the node's policy to its group one. Note that this requires the group to exist (should have been checked before), otherwise it will abort with a runtime error.
filterExTags :: [String] -> Instance -> InstanceSource
Remove non-selected tags from the exclusion list.
:: [String]Selected instances (if not empty)
-> [String]Excluded instances
-> InstanceTarget Instance
-> InstanceTarget Instance with updated attribute
Update the movable attribute.
disableSplitMoves :: List -> Instance -> InstanceSource
Disables moves for instances with a split group.
longestDomain :: [String] -> StringSource
Compute the longest common suffix of a list of strings that starts with a dot.
extractExTags :: [String] -> [String]Source
Extracts the exclusion tags from the cluster configuration.
commonSuffix :: List -> List -> StringSource
Extracts the common suffix from node/instance names.
:: [(String, DynUtil)]Instance utilisation data
-> [String]Exclusion tags
-> [String]Selected instances (if not empty)
-> [String]Excluded instances
-> ClusterDataData from backends
-> Result ClusterDataFixed cluster data
Initializer function that loads the data from a node and instance list and massages it into the correct format.
checkData :: List -> List -> ([String], List)Source
Checks the cluster data for consistency.
nodeImem :: Node -> List -> IntSource
Compute the amount of memory used by primary instances on a node.
nodeIdsk :: Node -> List -> IntSource
Compute the amount of disk used by instances on a node (either primary or secondary).
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