Package ganeti :: Module cmdlib :: Class _VerifyErrors
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Class _VerifyErrors

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Mix-in for cluster/group verify LUs.

It provides _Error and _ErrorIf, and updates the self.bad boolean. (Expects self.op and self._feedback_fn to be available.)

Instance Methods [hide private]
_Error(self, ecode, item, msg, *args, **kwargs)
Format an error message.
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_ErrorIf(self, cond, ecode, *args, **kwargs)
Log an error message if the passed condition is True.
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Class Variables [hide private]
  ETYPE_FIELD = "code"
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Method Details [hide private]

_Error(self, ecode, item, msg, *args, **kwargs)

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Format an error message.

Based on the opcode's error_codes parameter, either format a parseable error code, or a simpler error string.

This must be called only from Exec and functions called from Exec.