Script confd_client
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Script confd_client

confd client program

This is can be used to test and debug confd daemon functionality.

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Confd test client.
Functions [hide private]
Log(msg, *args, **kwargs)
Simple function that prints out its argument.
LogAtMost(msgs, count, **kwargs)
Log at most count of given messages.
Err(msg, exit_code=1)
Simple error logging that prints to stderr.
Shows program usage information and exits the program.
Main function.
Variables [hide private]
  USAGE = "\tconfd-client [--addr=host] [--hmac=key]"
  LOG_HEADERS = {0: "- ", 1: "* ", 2: ""}
  OPTIONS = [cli.cli_option("--hmac", dest= "hmac", default= Non...

Imports: sys, optparse, time, constants, cli, utils, confd_client

Variables Details [hide private]


[cli.cli_option("--hmac", dest= "hmac", default= None, help= "Specify \
HMAC key instead of reading" " it from the filesystem", metavar= "<KEY\
>"), cli.cli_option("-a", "--address", dest= "mc", default= "localhost\
", help= "Server IP to query (default:", metavar= "<ADDRESS\
>"), cli.cli_option("-r", "--requests", dest= "requests", default= 100\
, help= "Number of requests for the timing tests", type= "int", metava\
r= "<REQUESTS>"),]