Script gnt_debug
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Script gnt_debug

Bootstrap script for ganeti.client.gnt_debug

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  commands = {"delay":(Delay, [ArgUnknown(min= 1, max= 1)], [cli...
  aliases = {"allocator": "iallocator",}

Imports: sys, main

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{"delay":(Delay, [ArgUnknown(min= 1, max= 1)], [cli_option("--no-maste\
r", dest= "on_master", default= True, action= "store_false", help= "Do\
 not sleep in the master code"), cli_option("-n", dest= "on_nodes", de\
fault= [], action= "append", help= "Select nodes to sleep on"), cli_op\
tion("-r", "--repeat", type= "int", default= "0", dest= "repeat", help\
= "Number of times to repeat the sleep"), DRY_RUN_OPT, PRIORITY_OPT, S\
UBMIT_OPT,], "[opts...] <duration>", "Executes a TestDelay OpCode"), "\
submit-job":(GenericOpCodes, [ArgFile(min= 1)], [VERBOSE_OPT, cli_opti\