Package ganeti :: Module asyncnotifier :: Class ErrorLoggingAsyncNotifier
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Class ErrorLoggingAsyncNotifier

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An asyncnotifier that can survive errors in the callbacks.

We define this as a separate class, since we don't want to make AsyncNotifier diverge from what we contributed upstream.

Instance Methods [hide private]

Inherited from AsyncNotifier: __init__, handle_read

Inherited from asyncore.file_dispatcher: set_file

Inherited from asyncore.dispatcher: __getattr__, __repr__, __str__, accept, add_channel, bind, close, connect, create_socket, del_channel, handle_accept, handle_close, handle_connect, handle_connect_event, handle_error, handle_expt, handle_expt_event, handle_read_event, handle_write, handle_write_event, listen, log, log_info, readable, recv, send, set_reuse_addr, set_socket, writable

Class Variables [hide private]

Inherited from asyncore.dispatcher: accepting, addr, closing, connected, connecting, debug, ignore_log_types