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xentop CPU data collector



dcName :: String Source #

The name of this data collector.

dcVersion :: DCVersion Source #

The version of this data collector.

dcFormatVersion :: Int Source #

The version number for the data format of this data collector.

dcCategory :: Maybe DCCategory Source #

The category of this data collector.

dcKind :: DCKind Source #

The kind of this data collector.

readXentop :: IO (Result String) Source #

Read xentop output, if this program is available.

parseXentop :: String -> Result (Map String Double) Source #

Parse output of xentop command.

combineWithRollover :: Seq (ClockTime, Double) -> Seq (ClockTime, Double) -> Seq (ClockTime, Double) Source #

Add a new value to a sequence of observations, taking into account counter rollovers. In case of a rollover, we drop the joining interval so that we do not have to make assumptions about the value at which is rolled over, but we do keep the right sequence, appropriately moved.

dcUpdate :: Maybe CollectorData -> IO CollectorData Source #

Updates the given Collector data.

loadAverage :: Seq (ClockTime, Double) -> Maybe Double Source #

From a list of timestamps and cumulative CPU data, compute the average CPU activity in vCPUs.

dcReport :: Maybe CollectorData -> IO DCReport Source #

The data exported by the data collector, taken from the default location.