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Utility functions for statistical accumulation.



type TagTagMap = Map (String, String) Int Source #

Type to store the number of instances for each exclusion and location pair. This is necessary to calculate second component of location score.

data Statistics Source #

Abstract type of statistical accumulations. They behave as if the given statistics were computed on the list of values, but they allow a potentially more efficient update of a given value.


SumStatistics Double 
StdDevStatistics Double Double Double 
MapStatistics TagTagMap 


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Show Statistics # 
Instance details

Defined in Ganeti.Utils.Statistics


showsPrec :: Int -> Statistics -> ShowS

show :: Statistics -> String

showList :: [Statistics] -> ShowS

data AggregateComponent Source #

Abstract type of per-node statistics measures. The SimpleNumber is used to construct SumStatistics and StdDevStatistics while SpreadValues is used to construct MapStatistics.


SimpleNumber Double 
SpreadValues TagTagMap 

getSumStatistics :: [AggregateComponent] -> Statistics Source #

Get a statistics that sums up the values.

getStdDevStatistics :: [AggregateComponent] -> Statistics Source #

Get a statistics for the standard deviation.

getMapStatistics :: [AggregateComponent] -> Statistics Source #

Get a statistics for the standard deviation.

getStatisticValue :: Statistics -> Double Source #

Obtain the value of a statistics.

updateStatistics :: Statistics -> (AggregateComponent, AggregateComponent) -> Statistics Source #

In a given statistics replace on value by another. This will only give meaningful results, if the original value was actually part of the statistics.