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Unittests for ganeti-htools.



makeSmallEmptyCluster :: Node -> Int -> Instance -> (List, List, Instance) Source #

Make a small cluster, both nodes and instances.

isNodeBig :: Int -> Node -> Bool Source #

Checks if a node is "big" enough.

canBalance :: Table -> Bool -> Bool -> Bool -> Bool Source #

assignInstance :: List -> List -> Instance -> Idx -> Idx -> (List, List) Source #

Assigns a new fresh instance to a cluster; this is not allocation, so no resource checks are done.

isMirrored :: Instance -> Bool Source #

Checks if an instance is mirrored.

evacModeOptions :: MirrorType -> [EvacMode] Source #

Returns the possible change node types for a disk template.

Test cases

prop_Score_Zero :: Node -> Property Source #

Check that the cluster score is close to zero for a homogeneous cluster.

prop_CStats_sane :: Property Source #

Check that cluster stats are sane.

prop_Alloc_sane :: Instance -> Property Source #

Check that one instance is allocated correctly on an empty cluster, without rebalances needed.

prop_CanTieredAlloc :: Property Source #

Checks that on a 2-5 node cluster, we can allocate a random instance spec via tiered allocation (whatever the original instance spec), on either one or two nodes. Furthermore, we test that computed allocation statistics are correct.

genClusterAlloc :: Int -> Node -> Instance -> Result (List, List, Instance) Source #

Helper function to create a cluster with the given range of nodes and allocate an instance on it.

prop_AllocRelocate :: Property Source #

Checks that on a 4-8 node cluster, once we allocate an instance, we can also relocate it.

check_EvacMode :: Group -> Instance -> Result (List, List, EvacSolution) -> Property Source #

Helper property checker for the result of a nodeEvac or changeGroup operation.

prop_AllocEvacuate :: Property Source #

Checks that on a 4-8 node cluster, once we allocate an instance, we can also node-evacuate it.

prop_AllocChangeGroup :: Property Source #

Checks that on a 4-8 node cluster with two node groups, once we allocate an instance on the first node group, we can also change its group.

prop_AllocBalance :: Property Source #

Check that allocating multiple instances on a cluster, then adding an empty node, results in a valid rebalance.

prop_CheckConsistency :: Node -> Instance -> Bool Source #

Checks consistency.

prop_SplitCluster :: Node -> Instance -> Property Source #

For now, we only test that we don't lose instances during the split.

canAllocOn :: List -> Int -> Instance -> Maybe String Source #

Helper function to check if we can allocate an instance on a given node list. Successful allocation is denoted by Nothing, otherwise the Just value will contain the error message.

prop_AllocPolicy :: Property Source #

Checks that allocation obeys minimum and maximum instance policies. The unittest generates a random node, duplicates it count times, and generates a random instance that can be allocated on this mini-cluster; it then checks that after applying a policy that the instance doesn't fits, the allocation fails.