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Type declarations
Initialization functions
Module describing a node group.
data Group = Group {
name :: String
uuid :: GroupID
idx :: Gdx
allocPolicy :: AllocPolicy
type AssocList = [(Gdx, Group)]
type List = Container Group
create :: String -> GroupID -> AllocPolicy -> Group
setIdx :: Group -> Gdx -> Group
setName :: Group -> String -> Group
isAllocable :: Group -> Bool
Type declarations
data Group Source
The node group type.
name :: StringThe node name
uuid :: GroupIDThe UUID of the group
idx :: GdxInternal index for book-keeping
allocPolicy :: AllocPolicyThe allocation policy for this group
type AssocList = [(Gdx, Group)]Source
A simple name for the int, node association list.
type List = Container GroupSource
A simple name for a node map.
Initialization functions
create :: String -> GroupID -> AllocPolicy -> GroupSource
Create a new group.
setIdx :: Group -> Gdx -> GroupSource

Sets the group index.

This is used only during the building of the data structures.

setName :: Group -> String -> GroupSource

Changes the alias.

This is used only during the building of the data structures.

isAllocable :: Group -> BoolSource
Checks if a group is allocable.
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